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Having access to final expense sales training and affordable final expense insurance leads is important for agents selling final expense insurance.

Quality Training

Without quality training, success will never be within reach. That’s why it’s important to have a system in place that teaches our agents to deal with every aspect of final expense sales.


Targeted Leads

Our agents have access to every type of final expense lead imaginable. I personally prefer a system where agents can get the clients to set appointments right on the agent’s calendar.


Proven Sales System

Our sales system and lead management is why I am one of the highest producing agents in the final expense industry. I truly enjoy working with agents that want to learn my system.

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One of the best decisions I have ever made was to get into the Final Expense Sales Market.

On a daily basis, we speak with both licensed insurance agents and unlicensed people interested in final expense life insurance sales, and it’s apparent that everyone has their own opinion on the final expense market. It’s interesting how so many people, clients, and agents alike have no idea about the differences in burial plans and final expense life insurance.


Final Expense Telesales The Easiest Way to sell Final Expense insurance

Final Expense Sales & Final Expense Telesales

Making Final Expense Sales as An Independent Agent Is Important

Insurance agents selling final expense insurance can make a difference.

There are a lot of retired seniors that are just barely getting by on their social security income and struggle to survive. These folks are willing to figure out a way to use some of their monthly income to fund a whole life insurance policy. For them, this is a big sacrifice that can make a big difference in their family’s life. Funeral costs are expensive. In many cases, final expense insurance is the only way these folks can afford to be buried. Funerals are expensive. People are being cremated against their will and it’s discouraging. This is a terrible option for many to look forward to. It’s against a lot of basic American principles and religious beliefs. Agents selling final expense insurance can help these folks out.

Why didn’t they take care of it when they could afford to?

Things don’t always turn out the way we think they might and this is why we have insurance. Yes, many retirees have a nice pension and don’t need to worry about life insurance to fund their funerals. These folks were financially stable and were able to save for their funerals.  Some are taught to take care of it while they are young. They make sacrifices early in life but not everyone lives their life like their neighbor does. Heck most of the folks have probably spoken to multiple final expense telesales agents, and passed on the insurance.

A lot of unexpected things happen in life and the next thing you know, things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to. We hear stories from clients all the time about what should have happened, and what didn’t happen. I first started hearing these stories during my final expense sales training. Just another established need for agents selling final expense insurance!

Here’s what happened just last week!

Last week I met with a gentleman who was a military retiree. He told me about how he always assumed he would have a pension. Now he barely gets enough money each month to survive. He was in the military half of his life but worked as a subcontractor on and off.  What he didn’t know was that a subcontractor didn’t have the same benefits as a career military officer. He got old like the rest of us and found out the hard way. This is simply one example where things didn’t go as planned.

Sadly, we hear a lot of stories like this one from agents selling final expense insurance. People work hard their whole lives and end up having accidents where they end up disabled. Most jobs today don’t come with an automatic paycheck if you suddenly can’t work. The next thing you know, you’re on disability without a pension. Social security isn’t going to pay very much. It’s even worse if you worked in an environment where you have to live off of tips. That means the social security check will be hardly anything. With proper final expense sales training, agents selling final expense insurance can help these folks.

How can you make a difference?

A good agent can make a difference for people in this situation because every penny counts. Not only that, but you don’t want someone coming behind you to replace your sale because you’re selling overpriced products. This is something that we constantly address during our final expense sales training. It’s important to have the skills along with the work ethic and moral values in order to make a difference for our clients. Agents selling final expense insurance are extremely necessary, even though we are not always appreciated.

We want you to have access to multiple final expense leads so that you can target the final expense sales markets. By targeting the correct final expense market, you’ll be able to make more final expense sales based on the final expense direct mail leads, final expense facebook leads, or final expense telemarketed leads. With our final expense sales program, you’ll be able to do the best thing for each of your prospects and make more sales. If you speak Spanish, we have a special sales program just for you. You can target the Spanish market with our leads in Español.

Selling mortgage insurance / mortgage protection leads

Final expense sales is our main business. We do have agents selling mortgage insurance that cross over to final expense. There are also agents with us that mainly work mortgage protection leads and sell mortgage protection along with final expense. Both markets are doable. You can do final expense, face to face, or final expense telesales. Selling mortgage insurance is a little more complex as it is usually done on a face to face basis.

Yes, we have the leads for mortgage protection sales. A lot of agents assume that we don’t because that’s not our specialty market. Be assured, I left the mortgage protection industry to get into final expense sales because I knew that the senior market was the future. As long as people are re-financing and purchasing new homes, we will always have the carriers, products, and direct mail leads for mortgage protection and mortgage insurance sales.

What about selling final expense over the phone?

Yes, final expense telesales is a great options for those of us who want to avoid the driving around or doing face to face sales. Final expense telephone sales works well when you have s system of generating Facebook Calendar Ad Appointments. Yes, we generate them for our sales team and even sell the live transfers to the public. It’s all about having the right leads for the right situation. You decide what leads to use, depending on your goals, activity level, and finances. It’s not just about the leads though. There are several key factors that separates a strong final expense telesales platform from a weak one. The trick is to have all the tools, then it’s a lot easier to have success doing final expense tele sales.

The most important aspects of doing final expense telephone sales is three part. One, you want to have plenty of Facebook Calendar Appointments. Two, you want to have the right carriers and products. And three, you want to have a presentation that will make it easy, to close more sales. We have all the tools. Final expense telesales is a lot easier when you have a presentation designed to build lots of rapport along with good carriers and products. Our presentation guides you to have a 45-60-minute conversation while you build a lot of rapport. I’ve seen horrible final expense telesales presentation that were only 5 pages long. Our final expense telephone presentation is 20 pages long.

Where should you start selling final expense insurance?

Unfortunately, a lot of insurance agents get recruited by managers and companies that exaggerated things. These companies tend to recruit as many agents as possible, only to end up fighting to keep the ones that can sell. Most agents that are recruited by these companies tend to stick around for a little while before they end up hitting the road because they don’t even have access to final expense insurance leads. When they do make sales, they really don’t make enough money to justify sticking through the learning curve. Agents selling final expense insurance should be well compensated.

It’s hard to survive on a couple sales a week when you are only making a few hundred dollars per sale. I was once a captive agent and I will say that the training I received at that agency was second to none. We had to be in the office daily for ongoing training. The manager made sure we did what we were taught. This was great if you don’t mind being micro managed and want to learn at any cost. I was working very hard to make a living as a Hartford agent and was paying $30 Per Lead. My contract level was 60% so I was splitting my sales with the agency.

When all was said and done, I was only making around $50,000 a year. I definitely paid for my final expense sales training. Back then we were selling mortgage protection. We did it face to face. Just to be clear, there is a big difference between that industry and ours. Agents selling final expense insurance are selling to an entirely different clientele. We have the choice of doing final expense telesales or face to face sales. Either way, it’s nice to have lots of options for final expense insurance leads.

What’s better, being independent or captive?

Sadly, most insurance agents that go captive struggle and fail. Even if they get top quality final expense sales training! A strong work ethic is necessary when you get into a new business. The only way for you to make it is to bust your butt and do whatever it takes. This attitude and willingness for success is why a captive agency can make or break an insurance agent. No matter how you look at it, it’s up to the individual to succeed.

Anyone that has the work ethic can be a success. It doesn’t matter if you are a captive agent or if you are an independent agent. It doesn’t matter if you are doing final expense telesales or hitting it belly to belly. The nice thing about being captive is that you have a manager that you can turn to. At least that’s how it should be. As a true independent you don’t have this. Either way, it does take a different mindset to be managed vs independent for agents selling final expense insurance.

Who gets paid more?

As an independent insurance agent, contract levels are commonly around 100% or more, and even higher for those with production proof or who have down line agents. Most captive agents are paid a lot less than that. The difference in pay and product between independent agents and captive agents is night and day. There are several carriers that tend to be extremely overpriced. These overpriced policies are just waiting for independent agents selling final expense insurance, to stop in and make an easy replacement. One negative thing about being independent is the training. It’s just hard to get quality final expense insurance sales training on your own. This is why we have put together one of the strongest FE programs in the industry.

Final Expense Sales Training?

Feel free to check out our training page. In order to get access to our full final expense sales training program, you will need to be a contracted agent with us. You can also get plenty of training on our YouTube channel, Final Expense Trainer. We specialize in getting agents selling final expense insurance, up and running, immediately. Most of our agents do face to face final expense sales but you can also do final expense telesales. It’s completely up to you.

If you decide to join UFES, you’ll have access to our 30 day online final expense sales training platform. Our final expense sales platform is designed to get you up and running by the end of the month. You’ll also have access to our weekly, no nonsense, final expense sales training call. We go over final expense sales underwriting, different final expense leads and how to work them, along with multiple final expense sales carriers and their niches.

Need Final Expense Leads?

Yes, we have the leads. Our contracted agents have access to direct mail leads, telemarketing leads, and final expense Facebook leads. We also work with outside final expense lead vendors. By having multiple sources for leads no agent goes without leads. We also teach our agents how to generate their very own final expense Facebook leads. Facebook leads are extremely important for final expense sales as we know our market is heading in the direction of internet sales. The trick is to be able to target multiple prospects through multiple final expense insurance lead programs. Whether you’re selling face to face or doing final expense telesales, you need to have the right lead for your situation.

Happy Hunting!

Final Expense Tele-Sales

The easiest way to sell final expense insurance!

Is final expense tele-sales the best way to market and sell final expense life insurance?

Yes, and here’s why! There are a large amount of people throughout the United States who haven’t taken care of their funeral expenses. As a matter of fact, for most seniors, talking about funeral and final expenses is something that they avoid. It’s as if they are afraid to talk about it. When you are selling insurance on a face-to-face basis, you are limited. You can only drive so far and see so many people per day. But with final expense telephone sales, you can reach out across the entire country. Well, you also need the right final expense sales system! Unfortunately, most agents in our industry fail due to their lack of working effective and cost-effective insurance leads. This is why our agents have access to a High-Intent lead generating system that is unlike anything that our competitors are using.

Who can sell final expense insurance by phone?

This is an important question as you really need to be good at using a computer and technology. Final expense phone sales sounds easy on the surface, but if you’re not really good at multitasking and using a computer, this may be the wrong type of sales for you. Here’s a great example of a telesales case study. Agent one is in her 40’s and is really good with technology. She’s never sold insurance before, but she has advertised on Facebook before. Agent two is in his mid-60’s and has sold some insurance designed to cover final expenses but he has never done this over the phone. He’s also never tried advertising on Facebook because it seems complex to him. At the end of their first week, they both had completely different results, even though they targeted similar states and had the same leads budget.

What was the first week final results- with final expense tele-sales?

Agent one had 7 sales with a total AP of $5,135. She used 3 different insurance carriers to help the 7 people cover their funeral expenses. Even better, she was able to close all 7 final expense sales with very few issues. This was partially because she had prepared herself correctly. I suggest that all new agents call the carriers and practice running a sample application through each product. By doing this, she was totally prepared and knew exactly what to do with the 3 insurance companies that she wrote the burial life insurance through. Yes, she did have a couple of issues, but they were immediately corrected. When she was starting one of the applications, she sent me a text message to verify that she was doing it right. I realized she had started using the wrong product and directed her to the correct one.

Unfortunately agent 2 had different results. He ended up with two potential sales with a total AP of $1,600. He used 2 different burial insurance companies and had issues. Agent 2 wasn’t well prepared and had login issues when he went to write his first final expense sale. He wasn’t prepared and since he was caught off guard, instead of switching carriers, he told the client that he would call them back. They never answered the phone again. She had no insurance for her funeral and may end up leaving her family stuck with the burial bill. He was able to log into the portal to send up his second application correctly and that sale ended up being a solid one. His last sale went easy too. However, after he and I spoke, he never completed the voice signature authorization as once again, he didn’t realize that was necessary.

Agent 2 wasn’t strong at using technology while agent 1 was very good at using computers and technology. As far as multitasking, I realized that agent 1 wasn’t going to be great at this but if he had spent a little extra time to be prepared, he would have at least had 3 phone sales in his first week. I have had years of experience working with insurance agents who did phone sales. At one point, I even owned a final expense telesales call center. That felt like a babysitting job, and I hated it. My point is, I know what it takes to be successful at selling insurance over the phone. You have to be good at technology and multitasking. Know that you will have to learn how to run your own Facebook ads and lead funnels. You’ll also need to spend a little extra time to be prepared.

How should I stay in contact with my funeral insurance client?

First off, you definitely want to start by sending your client a thank you card. I suggest doing this the day after you sell them insurance. That way, they are getting something personal from you within a few days of making their purchase. I would even put a brochure (of the product you sold them) into the envelope! Make sure you have the monthly draft date and monthly premium amount written down there too. I also suggest sending them a refrigerator magnet with a business card that has your information on it. Then put each client into your CRM. A good customer relationship management tool will have automations. Make sure you get a birthday reminder, so you can call them. That’s super personal! Send them automatic voice mail drops each quarter and text messages. This let’s the client know you didn’t forget about them. They will always appreciate this.

Are final expense internet leads and final expense Facebook leads good?

Yes, but again, buying these leads is usually not worth it. They are just too expensive and hard to get on the phone. This is why it is important to have your own high intent lead generating system. As of today, the highest intent lead is also the same lead that costs the fewest dollars. The self-generated Facebook Calendar apt set lead. These people see an ad on Facebook that mentions affordable burial insurance or final expense insurance. They click on the ad, and it takes them to your funnel. They answer some questions and give information like their email and phone number. Then they get an option to set up an appointment on your calendar. Once they’ve done this, they will see a photo of you and your family and will get a text and email about the appointment. Now when you call, they know who you are.

What kind of technology is involved with final expense phone sales?

First, you’ll need to use a computer. When I say use a computer, I mean be really good at using every aspect of the computers technology. With final expense tele-sales, you’ll need to do the underwriting. That means looking up the clients medications and ailments based on how the carriers view them. You’ll also need to have multiple windows open at the same time. While you’re doing the underwriting, you’ll need to look up the pricing to quote them correctly. Meanwhile, you’re filling out the application. Then at some point, most carriers require a voice authorization. This means calling into the insurance company with the client and getting the carrier to interview the client. Some carriers have an Email option for the signature, but some seniors have a hard time doing that. Other carriers do the entire application over the phone. Which means no E-App for the agent to use!

What technology is involved in generating telesales final expense leads?

This is where a lot of agents fail. Again, for success at final expense phone sales, you are better off generating your own leads. Our people can set the system up for you, but you will have to take it over and learn how to use it. If you have never attempted to generate your own Facebook leads or funnels, selling final expense over the phone is probably not for you. The future is here. Those of us that can spend the time and do what it takes to succeed, will succeed. Those of us who give up because the technology is just too much, will fail. Buying leads for selling final expense by phone just doesn’t work. Sure, it used to. But now, there is just too much competition. Every licensed insurance agent and her brother are selling something to cover funeral expenses.

What is the sales process of final expense phone sales?

For someone who is good at using technology, the process is very simple. First, make contact with the burial insurance prospect. You have to have a lot of conversations per day, for this to be a profitable business. Once you have the prospect on the phone, you have to start building rapport. This is where the tire meets the road. Almost every final expense sales presentation that I see is lacking in one area or another. Most final expense presentations will have a tendency to get the agent to the pricing too fast. The presentation that our contracted agents use does the opposite. It actually directs the agent when and how to start a conversation about different rapport building topics. Once rapport is built, you can give the pricing options. If you give out the prices too early, the prospect will tell you that they have to think about it.

While you are building rapport and having a conversation with the client about their funeral experience and experience having to deal with funeral expenses, you need to do the underwriting. This consists of looking up the clients medications and health conditions to determine what product to sell them. Once you have done that, you have to look up the prices for that final expense product. You have to be really good at multitasking. Or at least willing to hang in there long enough for the natural multitasking skill set to sink in. It comes easier for some than others. This is a very important aspect of the sales process. Once you have the client write down the pricing options, (and have closed the sale), it’s time to complete the carrier’s application process. Some products require a phone interview, and some require an electronic application. Some require both!

What should be done after the telesales are completed?

Once you have closed your sale, it’s important to do a cool down. After each final expense sale, you have to spend some time speaking with your client. I suggest picking any topic that is not insurance related. My go to is getting the prospect to converse about something that they are going to do with the rest of their day or week. Talk about hobbies. I find out what they like to do and share my experience with that. Sometimes I just get into what I like to do with my free time. Talking about family makes you relatable. It’s a great way to help the client know that you are just a normal person that they can relate to. Everyone respects people who have a family as they understand that may be the driving force behind you.

What kind of final expense sales leads are there?

There are a lot of companies that sell leads. The main issue is that the cost of the better-quality leads is more money, than what they are worth. The better the lead, the higher the cost! However, most leads are in my opinion, garbage. Buying leads that are resold is a waste of money. Even if you are only paying a few dollars per lead. They just aren’t any good. Telemarketed leads are really hard to get a hold of. You can get a good telemarketed final expense lead for around $15 each. The fun part is getting them to answer the phone. Also, remember, the intent on this type of lead is low. A final expense tele-market lead is simply a lead of someone who was called by a telemarketer. The marketer asks if it’s ok for an agent to contact them about insurance and they say yes.

There is no intent to buy with a telemarketer lead. A call transfer lead is basically the same thing. Instead of the marketer asking if it’s ok for an agent to call them, they ask if it’s ok to connect them to an agent now. Again, the intent is not there. People who have no lives and are bored are the ones that say yes, they can call me. Or yes, you can connect me! It’s not like they are shopping around for burial funeral insurance. Any electronically generated lead is Illegal and not TCPA compliant. Using these type of leads will end up getting you sued out of business. The same with offshore telemarket leads! The offshore lead vendors are calling people who are on the do not call list. These companies can’t be sued by those of us who live in the United States and should be avoided.

Anytime I need any kind of assistance, Doug has always been there to help me close the sale. It's great working under a system that is ethical towards agents and provides more than double the commission I received at my previous company.

- Sean McMurray, Florida

When I first heard about UFES I was very well pleased with the training and the high commissions. I was so blown away by the products and services that were being offered to clients and I still am excited. Doug is 1 call away and is always helpful when called upon. Thank you again for introducing me to what it feels like to be a real insurance broker vs the captive agent that I was.

- Vernis Washington, Texas

Doug has always been a top tier producer, leading several carriers in personal production. He is also a master at being able to convey the knowledge that agents need, in order to follow in his footsteps, and be successful. UFES has done an amazing job of arranging and organizing a strong and simplified sales system, so that it’s easy to digest.

- Brad Aden, Missouri

UFES’s program is as attractive to agents as any organization that I am familiar with. Whether you’re new or experienced, I recommend them to anyone interested in final expense sales.

- Jim Boyles, Louisiana

I've been in the industry for 20 years and have tried numerous IMO's that promise leads and never deliver. That all ended when I came aboard with UFES. Been with them for a couple years now and my leads have been like clockwork, every Thursday, waiting for me in my e-mail. Anybody that knows anything about the Final Expense will tell you that leads are the heart of the business. UFES promised, and they delivered. Best decision I've made in the last 20 years.

- Ed Rice, Florida

I thought about starting a fixed priced lead order for a long time and UFES let me begin with a minimum number of leads each week. They offer top contracts, weekly training and videos for the beginners. I have been in this business 40 years so I like the fact that they don’t bother me, and if I need to speak with someone, Doug always picks up the phone.

- Billy B Gordon, Florida

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