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Medicare Leads – Where and How to Get them!

The best Medicare Leads

Medicare Leads – Where and How to Get them!


Medicare Leads come in different quality and different levels of exclusivity, so in this article we’ll answer a lot of different questions. What are the best leads for selling Medicare insurance products? How can I get exclusive Medicare Advantage leads without paying a lot of money? Are there free Exclusive lead programs available? Is Facebook a good place to generate Medicare leads? Is there a way to have 30+ exclusive Medicare Advantage leads every single week? Today, we’ll answer these questions and will address the following.

Telemarketer Medicare Leads

Facebook Leads vs Direct Mail

Exclusive Leads Availability

Self-Generated Leads

Aged Leads vs Exclusive Leads

Free High Intent Exclusive Medicare Leads

Selling Existing Life Insurance or Final Expense Clients

Traveling for the Leads


Senior Medicare ClientsIn today’s market, leads are getting more and more expensive. Direct mail is still the best lead in the country however, the returns are dwindling. Years ago, you could drop mail through a lead vendor and get a 3% return. Our industry is now overrun with insurance agents and companies dropping mail. Therefore the returns have diminished and are closer to 1%. This means if you’re dropping your own mail, you could easily pay over $50 per lead. This is why it’s so important to work with an agency that has a Fixed cost Lead program. The issue is whether the agency you’re working with is reselling those same leads to multiple agents. In most cases, yes. This is the only way that they can run the leads program without losing money on them. Is there a way to get Medicare Leads mailers that are both exclusive and affordable?

I have never believed in re-selling leads as I know once you start doing that, you’re basically having your own agents compete against each other for the leads. Competing for clients is one thing but competing for leads is just terrible. Who in their right mind would generate leads and spread the same lead to multiple agents? Well, I guess insurance agencies that feel they have no other choice, that’s who. My first batch of final expense leads were old and recycled. I ran them into the ground and managed to get my first 2 sales. So basically, I went door knocking for 10 days in a row to make 2 sales. If I had to do that again, I would shoot myself. Thankfully you don’t have to do that. That’s why my agents have access to our exclusive direct mail medicare leads, currently for $25 each.


what is your return on investment with direct mail leadsNowadays, telemarketers seem to be calling daily. At least one of our phone numbers gets a call each day from someone who’s trying to either scam us or sell us something. This is only part of the problem with telemarketer leads and live transfer leads. You see, now that the virus has changed the way we do things, one of those things includes how we answer the phone. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even answer the phone if I’m not confident that I know who’s calling me. Well guess what? That’s exactly how our Senior clients feel. The telemarketers really destroyed the quality of the tele- market leads by overcalling everyone. Now that the people who are Not on the Do Not Call list don’t answer the phone, the call centers are selling non-Compliant leads. Not all of them, mainly just the overseas vendors!

What does this mean? The people that the call centers are allowed to call, aren’t answering. Therefore, they’re just calling the people they aren’t supposed to call. Now what’s happening is you have all these overseas call centers contacting insurance agents and agencies on LinkedIn and Facebook. They’re swearing they have high quality compliant leads. They also know that most agents and agencies don’t know how to check the leads against the DNC list. Here’s what this means. Let’s say you buy a lead from one of these places. You go sell the client an insurance product only he turns out to be an attorney who has trapped you with an illegal lead. He sues you, your upline, and the insurance carrier. Now you’re out of business and the insurance company drops you for your part of the illegal activity. All because you trusted the wrong people!


Facebook Medicare LeadsYes, there are lead vendors that will generate exclusive leads through Facebook ads. Are they any good? In my opinion, yes, they are very good. Just don’t expect to get them on the phone. Unfortunately, with Facebook leads, it all comes back to the same problem. You see, people are tired of the phone calls, over and over. When they do fill out a Form on Facebook requesting information about insurance products, they don’t really want you to call them. They don’t want you to go to their house either. But that’s exactly what you’re going to do. My experience with door knocking any type of lead is that people tend to be nicer in person than on the phone. I simply print out the Medicare leads and take them to the client’s front door. What about compliance? Am I allowed to door knock a lead for Medicare Advantage sales?

This is a great question. You are not allowed to cold door knock Medicare Advantage clients. This is According to CMS. This is entirely different than when the client fills out a Medicare leads form requesting information from an insurance agent. If someone requests information about Medicare insurance benefits, you are allowed to take that form to the client’s front door and politely ring their bell. This is completely different than cold door knocking a list because they requested the information. At this point, all you have to do is have them sign the proper form, make an appointment, and present some options for Medicare Advantage products. It’s a lot easier when you have a lead that the prospect filled out. When done correctly, the prospect will feel obligated to invite you in and speak with you.


Medicare leads self generatingI believe that every agent should be running their own Facebook ads and funnels. I know this isn’t something that everyone can just do! That’s why there are tons of companies that sell their programs on how to generate your own leads on Facebook. You can get something like this for around two thousand dollars. At least that’s what my guy charges our agents! Some companies will charge over $5,000 so just make sure to shop around. If you’re patient, you can probably figure it out yourself, but it might take some time. I know someone had to show me how to do it. So, what is the benefit of generating my own Medicare leads through Facebook advertising? First, you control the quality. Second, when done right, you’ll have high intent people contacting you direct. And third, now you can target people who are new to Medicare, turning 65.

You will be limited by how many people you can target in your local market. This is why all the top producers tend to travel throughout their state or even to local states. When it comes to Facebook leads, you are definitely limited. That’s why I see running your own Facebook ads as something you should be doing on top of your regular marketing. When I say “regular marketing” I really mean your regular fixed cost weekly direct mail leads. Facebook ads are a great way to sell insurance, just not great for generating a lot of local Medicare Leads! Now if you’re selling over the phone, that’s totally different. Using Facebook ads to target multiple states is the way to go for tele sales. Now you can have an unlimited amount of leads and lot of people to speak with.


aged Medicare leadsAre aged leads worth buying? Sure, you can get some interested buyers working aged leads. It’s just not something that I would ever do. Medicare leads can be expensive but when you have a system like the one that we use, you shouldn’t have to work someone else’s leads. I mean think about it. The agent before you couldn’t sell that lead so now, you’re just going back to see if you can do what they couldn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of agents that are terrible at sales. That’s why I always say that most people shouldn’t be in sales. Most people don’t think the way that we think. Most people expect things to come easy as with sale professionals, it only comes easy with hard work and due diligence. Agents who can’t make it in the senior market, won’t make it anywhere else.

One of the things I love about having an exclusive leads program, is that the leads are never resold. Actually, most of our agents don’t pay for them either. You see, we give 3 free Exclusive Direct Mail leads for every Medicare Advantage plan that is sold. So, if you’re working the leads hard, you’ll sell one third of your leads. As long as you do that, you won’t have to pay for leads, at least not much! You just have to be willing to travel to the available areas as lead returns are very bad in some places. We’re not willing to lose a lot of money on the leads so you might have to travel a couple of hours away. All the top producers are doing this. Not having borders or limitations is the key to being successful in our industry.


Cross selling medicare leadsIf you’re an existing life insurance agent or final expense agent, you already have a book of business that you can sell to. Final expense clients are the best but life insurance clients are great too. You see, when you have an existing book of business, you can compliantly call them and set an appointment with them. You can even tell them that you sell Medicare products and would like to see if you can come out and make sure they are getting the best benefits for their situation. Not only that but since they’re already your client, they will probably be very open to you being their Medicare Insurance agent too. This is why existing Final Expense clients are the best Medicare Leads you will ever get. All you have to do is get in front of them again, and these sales will close themselves.

My wife and I have a couple of thousand final expense clients. We just got licensed and certified to sell Medicare Advantage a few months ago. Having this book of business is going to make our lives easy over the next few years as we’ll be able to work some Medicare leads, and then meet with our clients too. For us, there is no hurry for our success as we’ve already been selling insurance products at a high level for many years. Now, we mainly just service our clients and work with our contracted agents. And yes, I do put out a YouTube video at least once a week! Since most of my time is available for our sales team, this makes it easy for you to reach me anytime that you need help. It also makes it that much easier (and quicker) for you to get ready to sell.


Yes, we have an exclusive direct mail Medicare leads platform.  As a matter of fact, we are doing something that no one in their right mind is doing. Our agency gives a $75 leads credit for every Medicare Advantage plan that is enrolled. With our exclusive leads program, you may never have to pay for your leads. Here’s how it works. The agent gets the Medicare leads credit for every enrollment. Our fixed cost Medicare Advantage leads currently cost $25 each. They are currently available in most markets. As long as you close 33% of your leads, you won’t have to pay for leads. If you are living in a tough area (to sell in) then you might have to pay a few hundred dollars per week for your leads. Either way, you are getting a deal as these leads are never re-sold.

If you’d like more information on working with us and having access to our Free Medicare Leads sales platform, just contact me directly. You’ll be paid full commissions and full lifetime renewals. And that’s for all your Medicare Advantage enrollments. You’ll also have access to our final expense sales platform. Since we have some of the highest producing agents in the country, you will be getting tips and tricks from the best in the business. Our top producers are constantly contributing to our weekly Zoom training calls, and we also have Group Me. Group Me is an app that you’ll download to your smartphone. Anytime you have a general question, you can ask our group of producers. You’ll learn all about our business and how to sell from just participating in our system. You’ll also see who uses what type of Medicare Leads.

Douglas Massi

Douglas Massi has written more than $400,000 of AP in a single year. Accolades include Top Agent 2014 5 Star, Top Producer 2015 Security National Life, Top Producer 2016 Security National Life, Top Producer 2017 Security National Life