The Ultimate Remote Final Expense Sales Platform




The Ultimate Sales System

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  • 20-30+ Tele-Sales Appointments DAILY
  • Average 4-6K of AP WEEKLY – “Closers” 7-10K of AP
  • The clients book an appointment
  • They get a reminder Text and Email 
  • You present and close the sale (Remotely)

How does it work?

We run ads online that clearly state that we are selling “Affordable Burial Life Insurance“. The prospect clicks on the ad for a quote, and is taken to the landing page with your Photo and Information. Once the prospect fills out the form, they are directed to set an appointment on your calendar. Instead of just working leads like what our competitors are doing, you’ll have set appointments too!

What about the technology?

We build out your landing pages, set up the funnels and calendar, and even run and manage the entire system for you. Companies charge over $10,000 to do this and we do it all for a small set up fee (See Below). You need basic computer skills and the ability to sound smooth and professional over the phone!

What is the cost?

We use a Similar Triple funnel system that is sold by our competitors for $5,000 to over $10,000 only we do it all for a lot less.

  1. There is a one time set up fee of $1,200
  2. Between the CRM, Quoting Software, and Data fees = approximately $300 monthly.
  3. Your weekly Advertising budget will be Between $800 and $2,000+ depending on how many people you want to speak with.

What about training?

You’ll get one on one training for the system and the basics of FE sales. We have 2 weekly zoom training sessions and you’ll also have access to videos and Sales Presentation Recordings of Top Agents. We’ll also give you a copy of our HIGH intent Final Expense tele-sales presentation along with our proprietary sales materials. Your mentor will give you feedback from your recorded sales presentations so you can increase your closing ratio immediately.

What are the commissions?

For the main products, Commission Levels are 100-110% FYC. Renewals approximately 0-7%, depending on the carrier and product.

Most common questions!

  1. Do I need to have all my contracts with UFES? YES
  2. How much money should I have to start with? 2-3K+
  3. Can I start Part Time? N0 – We only work with SERIOUS agents who can work Mon-Fri for at least 5+ hours per day…

How do I start?

Just fill out the form below.  You can also call us at 888-501-1375 or just shoot Doug an email at to set up an Interview