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ATTENTION Contracted Agents ONLY; Please take full advantage of our final expense training videos. Listen to them on your smart phone while driving or doing other things. The more you review and study the training materials, the more sales you will make. It’s really that simple! If you have a topic that you think would be great to learn on video, shoot me an email about it.

Not all Final Expense Training is Created Equally

Is all training created equal?

Unfortunately, most insurance marketing organizations have not caught up with the concept of video training. The old way of learning a script is to listen to the recording while reading the script, memorizing paragraph by paragraph. There is nothing wrong with this as it has worked for years. Video training is completely different. It adds in a 3rd dimension that is irreplaceable and extremely useful for cutting through the time it takes to learn the products and final expense sales presentation.

What is the difference?

Well, we know that anytime you learn something new like a language, a product, and especially a sales presentation that has to be memorized, it will be easier if we can watch it being done, listen to it while it’s being done, and read what is being said. With today’s technology, it only makes sense that videos be used for training, especially in our industry. The fact that we can pull out a smart phone or tablet anywhere, makes the whole learning process a lot easier than it was five years ago. The more ways we have of learning, the easier the whole process will be. This is just common sense.

How can you effectively use the videos to learn?

With videos, the more we watch them, the more we learn. You will learn new things and catch something that you missed previously, by going back and reviewing the same video over and over. There are times when I will watch a video or movie that I have seen before, only to catch something that I missed. Repetition is important and with today’s technology, it’s easy to go back and review, just about anything, especially our final expense training videos. Our final expense sales training program is designed to get you up and running within 30 days. Between the top commissions, multiple final expense leads options, and top carriers, you have no excuse to fail.


Final expense video training

Why are Training Videos So Important?

What’s the best way to learn final expense sales?

When it comes to learning something new, there is nothing like being required to go into an office for hands on training. Let’s face it, this is going to be the best way to get a head start in any industry. Daily, hands on training, is definitely the best way to get any final expense sales agent in the field, quickly. Trust me, when you are required to go to an office every day, you will learn a lot.

Does this make sense to everyone?

The problem is that a scenario like this one can be very expensive. Most agencies that do this, will cut your commission down in a big way. Some will even cut it down to 30% of what you can make, working with a final expense sales agency like ours. Even if you are successful, your income will be limited. Back when I was a top agent with The Hartford, we were just getting by. Now how in the world is a top agent a top agent, if he’s just getting by?

What about video training?

Our final expense training videos eliminate the need for the office, as long as you are responsible and are willing to study. Think about it! If you have access to actual video training, and not just “video blog’s”, this puts you in a better position to learn, than if you didn’t have the videos. If you are able to watch a video and see the body language of the presenter, while listening, your learning curve should be cut down substantially.

Is the FE business hard to learn?

Remember, it’s always going to come down to your work ethic and how much time you put into your final expense sales education. The more time you study, the better you will understand each topic. The more time you put into memorizing something like “how to overcome objections”, the sooner your response to the objection will start to sound natural and not canned. Now, there is nothing wrong with a canned response. Sales professionals have been using them for years. In the final expense industry, there are certain responses that should be canned, and will save sale after sale. In our final expense training video library, you will learn a lot of information.


Video training is very important for learning final expense products

The Body Language Dilemma

Is body language a factor?

With final expense training videos, you can see how the trainer uses his body language. This is extremely important for any final expense training video where a presentation involved. When it comes to body language, we all use it differently. We all send different messages with our body language. These messages can either be helpful to us or can work against us. You do not want your body language sending mixed or negative messages to the prospect. This will definitely cost you sales.

What about negative body language?

Negative body language can interrupt your entire presentation. This will make it more difficult for you to close sales. A few years ago, while making a presentation, I caught myself doing something that was bad. I was putting my hands up with my palms facing the prospect while we were talking. This is how we naturally signal people to stop. Trust me, this is not a good way to convince someone to agree with something you’re saying. When I realized I had done this, I started thinking about other instances where I had done something similar. I stopped doing it and my sales closing ratio immediately increased. There are many ways that your body language can work against you. I highly recommend you learn about body language. There are lots of books and information on the internet about this subject.

How do I know if my body language is good or bad?

Remember, body language can have a huge effect on how we are perceived by others around us. This has been proven, scientifically, and is why the FBI and other law enforcement agencies study body language in order to read people. Law enforcement knows that our body language can give up a lot of information. We are constantly sending nonverbal clues that telegraph a lack of honesty and deception. This is why our body language can actually make a huge difference in whether we are successful in final expense sales or not. The more you understand how your body language is effecting you and those around you, the better. If you study your own body language, you’ll be able to change the effect it is having on others.


Having proper body language is important in final expense sales

Support for Success

Is it necessary to have a trainer?

Today, a lot of insurance agencies will assign a trainer, mentor, or a manager to be there for a new agent. This makes sense and is common in our industry. Sadly, most final expense agencies have their training run by people that are not field agents. Does it make sense that you learn from someone who doesn’t have the skill set for final expense sales? No frickin way! What better way for a new agent to learn than having a personal trainer who is also a successful field agent! At United Final Expense Services Inc, I personally work with every agent that comes on with us, and make myself available while they’re in the field.

What about support?

Everyone needs support while learning something new, especially with final expense sales training. The last thing that I want, is for a new agent to blow sales because he has no one to call for help. In my first year, there were many situations when I was in the house with a client and needed help. My wife and I had no one to call or to help us with final expense training. Mistakes were made that could have been avoided, had we had the support that we give our agents today.

What if I’m not getting help when I need it?

The bottom line is this! With the right up line, you should be able to get support at any given time, even if you need help 5 times a day. It’s not fair to you, if the agency that is making money off of your sales, doesn’t have a system set up to support you and guide you into this business. All of our agents have my personal email and cel phone.

Can I call you for an underwriting assessment?

If you need to contact me, you can text, email, or call. It’s really that simple. If you’re in the field with a prospect and need help, you can call and know that I am there to help. We know what it’s like to be new. The last thing you’ll want is to be on your own island without a life raft.


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Let's Address the Elephant in the Room

Do I need to study?

Having a strong work ethic is important especially when you’re new.  All the support, final expense training videos, and sales calls in the world won’t help you if you don’t study. The more work we put into learning something, the more it will pay off. Very simply put, if you want to succeed in our industry, you will have to put in the time necessary for this to happen. Nobody makes six figures after studying a couple hours a day for a few weeks. You will need to work all day for several weeks or months, in order to learn or business.

How long will it take for me to be ready to sell?

Everyone has a different learning curve. We all pick things up and catch on to new things at a different rate, but hard work will pay off before laziness and cutting corners, every single time. I truly believe that the more time you put into your final expense sales training, the better you will be. This goes for ongoing training and carrier changes. Underwriting varies from carrier to carrier and they all tend to make changes here and there. We will let you know about the changes, you just need to study and learn how they effect your clients and your sales.

What about discipline?

Success comes with discipline and hard work. In our industry, both are very important, and go hand in hand. Without discipline, it will be easy to procrastinate on studying a carrier’s product. The same undisciplined person will be tempted to call it a day, instead of working the whole day. In our industry, a lot of money can be made for someone with the right attitude and work ethic but it takes time and effort too.

Are phone days more important than field days?

On field days, it’s important to stay out and work all day long, the whole day, and not to ever go home and call it a day, before it’s time to do so. On phone days, it’s important to stay on the phone all day, calling your leads over and over. Every successful salesman can share story after story of how they got a huge sale by knocking on that last door right before it got dark. There were many times when I made my last round of calls around 9pm at night and ended up getting an appointment that turned into multiple applications and clients.


It's important to have a strong work ethic in order to be successful in our final expense sales industry

The Right Combination

What do we have that’s so special?

With all the tools that our agents have access to, the odds for being successful are definitely with you. No one has a better system of getting life insurance agents up and running than United Final Expense Services Inc. When you add everything together, the final expense training, our direct mail leads program, along with some of the highest commissions in the industry, success is definitely within your grasp. Final expense sales training should be simple. It should be designed to get you up and running immediately. Now, the only question that I have, is this! Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful at final expense sales?


Anyone with the right tools can be successful with final expense sales

Final Expense Presentation Training Program - An Industry First

What’s new?

I am proud to announce that we have completely stepped up our final expense training by adding a presentation training program. I believe we are the only insurance marketing organization that has a program like this. We have also just added a new agent program designed to teach all the basics from how to set up your office, to getting referrals upon delivering the policies. To me, this type of sales training  should be offered by any agency that is serious about teaching their agents how to sell final expense.

How does it work?

All new agents are sent a weekly email as to what they need to learn and where to access that specific training. The agent simply follows the outline and picks the program they need to learn, logs in, and studies. Each program is put together by a successful final expense field agent and covers each situation, step by step. When the agent has completed the program, they can always go back and review each segment. This access is important while cutting through the learning curve in our industry.

What about the presentation training?

During this training, the presentation is broken down piece by piece, right down to the close. You’ll see me cover all the important aspects of a strong final expense sales presentation. Yes, you actually will learn how I close sales while overcoming objections.  It’s like having me, in your living room, teaching you how to make a presentation.

What about the new agent sales process training program?

In this program, you will learn the ins and outs of final expense life insurance sales. We teach you everything from how to set up your home office, to the best ways for getting referrals. You’ll see that we cover a lot of subjects and direct you to specific training videos for each topic. The idea is for us to get you prepared for the field, as soon as possible. This is exactly what you will be able to do while working with United Final Expense Services Inc.


Our final expense training program is unlike anything else in the entire finale expense industry