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Anytime I need any kind of assistance, Doug has always been there to help me close the sale. It's great working under a system that is ethical towards agents and provides more than double the commission I received at my previous company.

- Sean McMurray, Florida

When I first heard about UFES I was very well pleased with the training and the high commissions. I was so blown away by the products and services that were being offered to clients and I still am excited. Doug is 1 call away and is always helpful when called upon. Thank you again for introducing me to what it feels like to be a real insurance broker vs the captive agent that I was.

- Vernis Washington, Texas

Doug has always been a top tier producer, leading several carriers in personal production. He is also a master at being able to convey the knowledge that agents need, in order to follow in his footsteps, and be successful. UFES has done an amazing job of arranging and organizing a strong and simplified sales system, so that it’s easy to digest.

- Brad Aden, Missouri

UFES’s program is as attractive to agents as any organization that I am familiar with. Whether you’re new or experienced, I recommend them to anyone interested in final expense sales.

- Jim Boyles, Louisiana

I've been in the industry for 20 years and have tried numerous IMO's that promise leads and never deliver. That all ended when I came aboard with UFES. Been with them for a couple years now and my leads have been like clockwork, every Thursday, waiting for me in my e-mail. Anybody that knows anything about the Final Expense will tell you that leads are the heart of the business. UFES promised, and they delivered. Best decision I've made in the last 20 years.

- Ed Rice, Florida

I thought about starting a fixed priced lead order for a long time and UFES let me begin with a minimum number of leads each week. They offer top contracts, weekly training and videos for the beginners. I have been in this business 40 years so I like the fact that they don’t bother me, and if I need to speak with someone, Doug always picks up the phone.

- Billy B Gordon, Florida

Just brilliant! Your videos were direct and to the point. The kind of intel that takes most people years to grasp. Your videos helped my team close 22% more leads the first month. Thanks bud!

- Aaron Barnes, Senior VP of Sales