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Financial Freedom Through a Lifetime Passive Income Stream

Final expense sales lifetime passive income stream

Financial Freedom Through a Lifetime Passive Income Stream

Final Expense Sales as a Lifetime Passive Income Stream

One of the things we all want, is to have money coming in while doing as little work as possible, or while doing something that we love to do. Creating financial freedom through a lifetime, passive income stream, is a dream for most of us yet, it’s actually not that difficult of an achievement to accomplish. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you will need to do, in order to learn how to create your lifetime income stream through final expense sales. Here is what we’ll be covering!

What is Financial Freedom About?

What Kind of Sacrifice Must Be Made?

The Passive Income Thought Process

How Does Financing Effect My Future?

Selling Final Expense as the Source of My Passive Income Stream

The Investment Necessary for Financial Freedom

Why Do So Many People Live Check to Check?

How to Stop Being Average and Change for Success?

What financial freedom means to me!

Lifetime income stream financial freedom

When it comes to financial freedom, most of us picture doing what we want, when we want. Creating a lifetime passive income stream so that we can achieve financial freedom can give us just that, and more. One of the things I love about success, is that we never worry about money. If we want to go somewhere exotic, we plan it out, and go. When we want to spend a little extra money on something that’s expensive, we can buy it anyway. Think about it. Wouldn’t you love to be in the financial position where you can just hop on a plane and get away for the weekend, knowing it won’t affect you financially? Establishing a system where you have money coming in week after week, even when you’re on vacation, can be accomplished through final expense sales.

Selling and marketing final expense insurance can do more than this. Let’s talk about retirement. As a final expense life insurance agent, we see seniors struggling every month, just to have basic needs. These are our clients, and these are the people we help with final expense insurance and burial insurance. When you’ve created your own lifetime passive income stream through selling final expense insurance, you don’t have to worry about being in the same boat as your clients. As a matter of fact, you can actually retire young, if you do what I’m going to go over in this article. Sadly, I didn’t get into final expense sales until I was 45 years old/2013. It’s not like I got in too late and missed the bus. Had I known 15 years ago, what I know today, and I’m sure I would have been able to retire in my forties.

What kind of sacrifice must be made for a passive income stream?

Success is not easy

This is what most people, especially young people, don’t want to talk about. Sacrifice is necessary for financial freedom. Yes, I said it and you read it. When I think of sacrifice, my first few years in the business was all about sacrifice. And not just a little! For Mariana and me, it was all about putting every waking moment back into our business. We had goals and were on a mission. Still are! We don’t have children so it was easy to accomplish the goals we set, and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve them. Sadly, our society seems to teach us that we should work 40 hours per week, sleep 8 to 9 hours each day, and enjoy the rest of the time by eating the wrong things and doing things we probably don’t need to do. This is not how we build a lifetime passive income stream.

Let me break down time a little bit and how it can be used to create financial freedom in just a few short years. We have 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. If you sleep 7 hours per night, you have 17 hours in a day to work. When I say work, I mean do everything humanly possible to bring money into the home. We can live healthy lives off of 6 to 7 hours of sleep so don’t tell me you need more sleep. Oversleeping is a sign of a poor work ethic and a lack of discipline. Discipline is the key to success and must be practiced during every aspect of life, while building lifetime passive income stream. If you have a family, yes, you need to spend some time with them every day.

What else must be sacrificed for financial freedom?

Success takes sacrifice

When we change to this life of sacrifice, it can be very challenging. I mean, who likes to change? It’s just not natural. Changing our work hours and sleep hours is usually what it takes to achieve financial freedom. Remember, it’s only for a few short years of your life. When I think of our first few years, the 12-hour days in the field sticks out the most. Doing this 3 to 4 days per week while traveling 2+ hours to the areas we worked at, then driving home, was a lot. Today, when we go out to sell final expense, we often have those same 15+ hour work days. We don’t do this as often, but we still do this because it keeps the cycle going. Work hard, keep money coming in, keep building the passive income stream. Sale by sale! This is what it takes for financial freedom.

Let’s talk about the financial sacrifice necessary for financial freedom. This is the second part of the equation. Time and money for final expense leads, are necessary for building your passive income stream. If you’re grinding away to make a sale or 3 each week, you’ll never get enough momentum going to build your lifetime passive income stream. Add in some money. Yes, a financial sacrifice. Not much, compared to starting a new business. If you open a coffee shop, you’ll need a $35,000 to $50,000 loan. With final expense sales, you can start with nothing, then start investing every penny you earn back into the business. You must get to the point where you’re investing money for final expense leads, weekly. Now your net income should be 2 to $3,000 weekly. Reinvesting is important to earn six figures.

How silly spending, secretly ruins our passive income stream!

Stop spending money on stupid stuff

Unfortunately, our society and surroundings all tend to teach us how to be average. Yes, I know we are told to go to college so we can make a good living. We’re also taught that education is the best way to success. This is all true however, financial freedom requires a completely different mindset. You see, we are also taught that fitting in is important, so we should do what others do and be part of the clan. This is where it all goes wrong for most of us. The typical “majority” of people in our society are spending money on things that do not make any sense for their success. In most cases, our spending can easily hinder and delay our success to the point where instead of being financially free, we end up a financial hostage. In other words, we’re spending money on stupid things.

Most people spend money on things that make no sense in their lives so they can live beyond their means, and create a false sense of accomplishment. In other words, their doing it to feel good or make things easier. The problem is, it’s making things harder and the constant debt is making us sick. If you’re making a monthly payment on a car, computer, phone, or any device, that tells me that you simply cannot afford that item and should not have it. You can most likely get a cheaper version somewhere else that does the same thing. If you have credit card debt, you cannot afford the things you are buying. Debt is the primary reason most people will never have substantial success or wealth. Living in debt makes it harder to build that passive income stream as all your effort goes to paying off debt.

Brainwashing for Failure

Brain Washing final expense sales

Eating out on a weekly basis is ridiculous and self-defeating. The problem is, most people tend to eat out weekly and in most cases, almost daily. When we eat out, we spend money on food that is not as healthy as our own home cooked meals. So, here we are, eating out regularly! Instead of saving that money for our passive income stream, we are spending that money. Meanwhile, we are consuming food that is not very healthy. This is a sick cycle that not wastes our money and makes us sick. Think about how many food commercials we see on a daily basis. The ads are on the radio. We see them on giant billboards along the highways. We’re literally being brainwashed as a society to stay poor/average, and eat in a manner that makes us sick. Financial freedom is impossible when you live this way.

This is a bigger problem than most people will ever understand. We are literally being hypnotized on a regular basis to stay average. To stay broke! We are bombarded from every direction with false information like fake news. This false information teaches us that it’s ok to borrow against things that make no sense, and consume things that make us sick and in debt. When it all comes down to it, most people should buy all their groceries from a store and cook all their meals at home. If everyone in the united states did this, most people would start to think clearer and make better financial decisions. We would see a drastic change in poverty levels and in the percentage of wealthy people in our country. Wealth could be abundant. A lot more people would have financial freedom and would be able to build their own passive income stream.

What choices do successful people make?

Laziness vs strong work ethic

We’ve all seen the meme’s of the guy wearing the most expensive clothes, driving a new car, and has nice jewelry, etc. He’s “Dressed for Success” but lives check to check. Then you see the image of the wealthy guy who is wearing old clothing, drives an old car, and could be mistaken for someone with nothing! Truth is, if you want to be wealthy and you’re not, then you need to live a life based on your situation. Financial freedom comes hard. It just doesn’t make sense to finance a car, buy nice clothes, or even new clothes, or spend unnecessary money while you’re saving your money. Every dollar you spend must go into bringing in more money. If it’s not, you’re just doing it wrong. When I say every dollar, I mean every penny too! This is the only way to success while creating a lifetime income stream.

Unfortunately, our society is training/brainwashing is to think and behave in a manner that will keep us down, and living check to check. The television commercials are all about showing movie stars and people we admire pimping out their expensive cars. These commercials tell us that we will be better than we are, if we drive that certain car. They teach us that we can get beautiful women, if we drink the same whiskey as that movie star. We can be famous, if we live and behave like famous people do. Everyone knows this is not true, but we buy anyway. We’re being sold a bad deal and are eating it up, even though it hurts us. You must tune out all of this nonsense, if you want financial freedom. Stop listening to the lies. Start behaving like individuals, and start making significant sacrifices for your lifetime income stream.

Final expense sales as a lifetime passive income stream

Stop doing stupid stuff with your money

One of the beautiful things about final expense sales is how easy it is. Finding final expense sales when I was 45 years old was the best thing that every happened to us. We sell to seniors who either need insurance for their final expenses, or would like to leave a little something extra behind. Most of our sales are from low income folks who are notorious for impulse purchasing. These are the same people who tend to wait until the last minute for important things like taking care of their burial or cremation needs and is part of the reason final expense sales is so easy. Final expense leads are easy to generate. At least, for us they are. Agents on our sales team are working 20 to 30 fresh final expense leads each week. This makes it easy to grow a passive income stream.

You see, every time you make a final expense sale, there’s a passive income stream attached to that sale. In many cases, a lifetime income stream! Whole life insurance has renewals and is what we sell, to cover the final expense needs of our clients. Imagine making 7 to 10 sales every single week. When you do this year after year, the renewals tend to build up. Like crazy! At an average of 8% for the renewals on $5,000 in AP each week, you’re looking at $400 each week per year. Do that for 10 to 15 years and you’re getting thousands of dollars monthly in renewals alone! A talented top producer can make up towards and over $70,000 each year in renewals alone. Imagine when you take it to the next level and start your own agency, which brings in renewals off of your agent’s sales.

The benefits of building your own insurance agency

Passive Income Stream

Just to be clear, you still want to go out and sell, especially while building your agency. The pressure is no longer there to be a top producer now that you’re using your own status and knowledge, to build your final expense insurance agency. You’ve got the system and leads. You’ve also got the know how to share with your agents. You can teach them how to duplicate the system you’ve been using for years, so they can now earn their own lifetime passive income stream. This trick is to lead from the front. Building an insurance agency without being a knowledgeable producer never works. Why would anyone follow someone into a business that they are not a professional at? Trust me, they won’t. At least not the people you really want. You must master your profession and have a duplicable system, in order to build an insurance agency.

Once you have other agents selling final expense under you, you can even step back a little bit, as their production will add to your lifetime income stream. Trust me, sometimes you will feel like an overwhelmed babysitter. You won’t be able to go out and sell as much as you’d like. When I go out to sale, it’s like my own private escape. Even when I’m in the field, I take calls from agents on our sales team as it’s important to be there for them. I just don’t like to be stuck in an office all the time. Not only that, but I love doing what we do. Making my own sales regularly, extends my lifetime passive income stream. Besides, it would be lazy not to go out once a week, to guarantee an additional $100,000 per year, or more. Sitting on the sidelines isn’t for me.

Change equals success and financial freedom

Financial Freedome Lifetime income stream

In order to be a successful final expense agent, you will need to make some changes. Nobody likes to change. For some reason, we often fear change and often see change as being painful. This is not the truth. Unfortunately, this is another myth that has been stuffed down our throats, generation after generation, without us even knowing about it. If you want a lifetime income stream, you will need to make adjustments. Stop what doesn’t work, and do what works. Make some short-term sacrifices, and reap the rewards on a long-term basis. Yes, there will be some sleepless nights as fear does tend to creep in from time to time but this is only going to be temporary. When it comes to our business, sacrifice equals success, especially over long term. The harder we work now, the more we enjoy later.

Make a decision to stop the nonsense and start working for your future. Accept that you no longer have to live the way you are living, and stop lying to yourself. When we procrastinate, over and over, nothing changes. The typical person in the United States goes from job to job and ends up depending on social security just to survive. These are our clients. This does not have to be you. Stop living your lie and start building your future. Selling final expense insurance is simple and is an easy way to create a lifetime passive income stream. Get off your butt, grow through some pain, and become the best you that you have ever seen. Stop being average and be something more! If this high school drop out can do it, anyone can!

Douglas Massi

Douglas Massi has written more than $400,000 of AP in a single year. Accolades include Top Agent 2014 5 Star, Top Producer 2015 Security National Life, Top Producer 2016 Security National Life, Top Producer 2017 Security National Life