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Final Expense Facebook Leads

Final Expense Facebook Leads for agents

Final Expense Facebook Leads

Final expense Facebook leads have become an extremely valuable tool for selling final expense life insurance and burial insurance. They tend to catch the attention of seniors that are interested in taking care of their final expenses and not just hoping to find something for free. They can also get you in front of prospects who you might not see, if it weren’t for this type of lead. This article will cover everything from how to generate Facebook final expense leads to the best methods of working them. And a lot more!

What is a final expense Facebook lead?

How to target the final expense market

How are Facebook leads compared to direct mail leads?

What do final expense FB leads cost?

How to generate them on your own

Where to buy them

Final expense Telesales vs Face to Face sales

How to work Facebook final expense leads

Door knocking vs calling FB leads

What is a Final Expense Facebook Lead?

final expense facebook leads are confusing

A Facebook lead is simply a lead that is generated through your Facebook account. The prospect sees an ad on Facebook and clicks on it. The add usually says something short like “affordable burial plans” or “Florida burial insurance”. It’s really up to the agent or lead vendor to choose the verbiage that attracts the prospect. Once the prospect clicks on the add, they are then taken to a landing page or a website. They read an article or paragraph on final expense burial insurance or final expense life insurance and fill out a form. In some cases, they click around on the website seeking information. There are usually “information forms” on each page of the website. The form allows them to get free information on affordable burial coverage or cremation insurance. Once they fill out the form, your final expense Facebook lead is generated.

Here is what I absolutely love about this lead. Facebook leads are IN-bound. In other words, the prospect has to take the FIRST action. Nobody is calling them. No one is sending them something in the mail. An add pops up on their Facebook page that gets their attention. They can either ignore it or act on it. So, let’s say they click on the Facebook ad and go to the landing page! If they only add some of their information on the form, it still shows their interest. This is how the final expense Facebook lead gives you an opening. All you need to do is figure out a way to get in front of them and make a final expense presentation. At this point, all you have to do is find the need for the insurance, build lots of rapport, and close the sale.

How to Target our Final Expense Prospects

Fresh or aged direct mail final expense leads can make a difference

Facebook makes this part really easy. You don’t have to buy a list or pay someone to do this for you. All you do is follow the directions and target the age group of our final expense prospects. The choice is up to you. I generally suggest trying a few different adds with different demographics. In most cases 50 years and older works the best. If you want to target men and women over 60 years old, you can do that. If you just want to market to men, you can do that too. You have the option to pick the sex of the Facebook user. I recommend targeting men and women for final expense Facebook leads. We sell just as many single men as we do single women. If you just try to target women, you will most likely limit the amount of leads in that area.

Now on the other hand, if you’re doing final expense telesales, you can pick a whole state and just market to women. The point is, it’s all up to you. You can pick cities, counties, or a whole state. If you’re a woman and you think your strength is selling to men, then that’s what you can do. If you want to target multiple states at once, you have that option too. You’re in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is learn the process. This is where most people fail. This is also where agents with a “never quit” attitude benefit the most. In other words, it all comes down to work ethic. If you want to succeed at generating high quality final expense Facebook leads, you put in the hours to learn the process. Successful people succeed, and quitters tend to give up!

Facebook Leads vs Other Final Expense Leads

Final expense facebook leads are not for surfing

The golden standard for belly to belly, final expense sales, has always been the direct mail lead. Telemarketing leads are also very popular for our market as they tend to cost around half as much as direct mail. The thing I love about final expense telemarketing leads is that you can get them quickly, while you’re waiting for your direct mail leads to come in. This is the same with Facebook leads. Here’s the big difference. With final expense Facebook leads, you can turn the campaign on at any time. In other words, if you want to generate them for a few hours a day, you can do that. This type of lead control makes the FB leads a game changer. There are also some differences on the psychology behind each type of lead. When I say “psychology”, I am referring to the thinking process of the prospect.

With direct mail, the prospect gets a card in the mail. They read the information on the card. They write their name and other information on the card if they’re interested in getting more information. This is a very strong lead because the prospect is doing an action, then sending in the card. Telemarketing leads are people that were called and asked if it’s ok for someone to call them back, about burial or final expense insurance. Of the three leads mentioned, the final expense Facebook lead is the only one that comes in “Real-Time”. In other words, the prospect fills out the online form, and you get an email instantly with their information. You can call them back right then and there. In most cases, while they’re still messing around on the computer or even while they’re still on your website.

Facebook leads vs Television Commercials

facebook vs tv leads

TV commercials are awesome for generating interested prospects. When we had our final expense sales call center, we worked with inbound TV leads. These folks would see the commercial and call in. This is the best real time lead in the industry for final expense telesales. The problem with TV leads is that they are very expensive and generating them for an individual final expense agent, doesn’t work. You see, when the commercial runs, multiple prospects call in at the same time. You can’t just put them all on hold while you spend an hour making your telesales presentation. That just doesn’t work. If you are working with a small group of agents, the TV leads can be very effective. The tv commercials will also run during the night. Remember, whether you answer the phone or not, these leads cost around $35 to generate. Or even more!

This is where the bang for the buck works better with final expense Facebook leads. With FB leads, your cost is a lot lower, as long as you know what you’re doing of course. You can also generate them on your own, just for you. No team of agents is required. Again, you turn them on and turn them off at your own discretion. There are some cons too! The prospects won’t always give you the correct phone number or information. It also takes time and money to figure out how to generate Facebook final expense leads. Thankfully, with the internet and Google, you can often take what little info the prospect gives and find the phone number or address, or even email address. At this point it’s just a matter of calling, emailing, texting, or door knocking the lead.

Why I love final expense facebook leads

Did somebody say, “text the lead”?

final expense facebook leads are too good

Yes. With final expense Facebook leads, there is a generation exchange! A lot of these seniors are on Facebook with their smart phones. They know how to text too. This makes it sensible for you to text your Facebook final expense leads. Now, I don’t suggest texting them right from the start. Whether you’re setting appointments by phone, or doing final expense telesales, you will want to call them first. If you can’t reach them that way, you should text them next. If you’re a door knocker and you have the address, then go knock on the door. As with any lead, it’s up to you. The difference here is that you do have texting as an option. With Facebook leads, you want to work this lead every way possible. As with any lead, you don’t throw the lead away until you’ve gotten in front of the prospect.

First, call the lead. After dialing several times, I text. Something real short like “We have the info you requested about the special burial plans”. Then we email them something short and personal. Then I call again and leave a message. A very confusing message! I say “hi, it’s Doug, call me back at this number”. The next step is to door knock. It’s important not to wait too long before finally door knocking. You want to knock on that door within 72 hours of getting the lead. By this time, they almost know me. lol I come off as being really knowledgeable at the door and super friendly. I let them know that these are special plans and that I won’t pressure them into buying. Then they usually let me in. You should be able to sell half of the people that let you in for the presentation.

Door knocking Final Expense Facebook Leads

Using an appointment setter can increase your final expense sales

So, not all agents are good on the phone. A lot of us are taught to only door knock leads and never call them. With the Facebook final expense lead, you may not have a choice. Some of these leads will only have a phone number, some will only have an email address, and some will only have an address. Therefore, it’s important to have the ability to work each lead every way possible. For door knockers, knocking on the prospects door the next day is the way to go. I would even suggest door knocking for a couple of days and then leave the delivery notice. If you don’t hear back from the prospect, start calling, texting, and emailing. Don’t let the lead get a week old without beating it to death. As with any lead, you must have your game plan ready and stick to it.

When we first got into final expense sales, I was taught to never call the lead. This was bad advice that turned out to be good. I door knocked every lead we got and only called when door knocking was exhausted. After 6-8 months of this, I finally started calling the leads to set appointments. With my background and the amount of leads we had, it was easy to book the days up, solid. You see, before we got into final expense sales, I was already strong on the phone from selling mortgage insurance. Overcoming objections was no biggie. Even though I was already good at setting appointments, I still needed to become proficient at door knocking. Whether you are using Facebook final expense leads, direct mail leads, or telemarketing leads, you must master the art of door knocking leads. Final expense Facebook leads simply, make door knocking easy!

Real-Time final expense Facebook leads

final expense facebook real time leads

Another super important point that needs to be addressed about this lead, is that it is a Real-Time lead. Yes, I’ve already mentioned this. I also mentioned how I love the idea of final expense Facebook leads being inbound! To me, that’s gold. Anytime your prospect contacts you first, it’s a plus. But the idea of getting a lead within seconds of the prospect filling out the form is important too! Actually, this is huge. Think about it. You can call and text most of these folks while they’re still on Facebook, watching the silly puppy videos. Here’s another way to contact them. Instant message! Yes, you can look up their Facebook page and shoot them a quick little message. Think about this. The message is coming from your personal Facebook page, so they see who they’re messaging with. They see you. A normal person.

This makes it personal and now, you’re not just some insurance agent. You’re another FaceBooker just like them. They can see photos of your family and if you’re really good, you can show them photos of you with clients, holding up the insurance company’s brochures. You can use Facebook for both running ads and building rapport. You can cherry pick specific clients and add them friend them. Ok, now if you’re thinking, that sounds crazy. Yes, marketing in this fashion is not for everyone. It really depends on your personality and how you use your Facebook page. If you’re pasting political stuff all the time, this really won’t work. If you’re the type of person that is more private and doesn’t really use Facebook that often, you can turn it into your own lead generating and prospecting tool. All it takes is a few tweaks.

Final expense telesales vs selling belly to belly

Mortgage protection leads work for couples to sell

Here’s my take on telesales vs face to face sales. Most sales professionals are better off just doing one or the other. Yes, there are plenty of us that can do it either way. I know my path has always been face to face. I’ve been very successful selling over the phone too, but that’s because of the system that we developed. Sitting on the phone for hours and hours, several days a week, is not something that I enjoy doing, even while working final expense Facebook leads. Making face to face presentations is actually very enjoyable for me. Especially when I know I’m helping them and their loved ones. I truly enjoy the whole presentation process. Finding the need, building rapport, getting the prospect on-board with what the family will have to deal with when they die, helping them find an amount of insurance that they can afford!

You need to know enough about yourself to decide if you’re better off doing final expense telesales or face to face. If you’re new at sales, it may take a while for you to figure this out. Either way, both require patients and talent. You really need to be good at multitasking and computer savvy in for telesales. If you don’t have the capacity to do a few things at the same time, forget about selling over the phone. There will be times when you’re speaking with your prospect, looking up their local bank phone number, while prepping for a 3-way call with that bank. You’re basically performing an online juggling act. Final expense Facebook leads are great for final expense telesales, but you must be talented at multitasking. This is why most people are better off making final expense sales on a belly to belly basis.

Weekly Final Expense Facebook Leads Program

weekly final expense facebook leads money

One of the ways that I like to use Facebook leads, is to simply have them mixed in with my weekly fixed cost direct mail leads. All the top producing final expense agents are on weekly direct mail leads. We know that these leads are the golden standard for selling final expense on a face to face basis. Here’s what some of our producers do. They keep their Facebook leads turned on 24/7. When they know they are going to work a different area next week, they simply notify us of that area. This allows us to switch the demographics over to the new area so leads start coming in there. When they are ready to move on again, they let us know again. And on and on. This allows the real producers to have access to more prospects and that means more sales.

This system allows the top producing final expense agent to maximize the amount of people he/she sees. When you add our final expense telemarketing leads to the mix, you can corner the market. FYI, we are working on a Facebook lead for mortgage protection sales. A lot of our agents do mortgage insurance sales. We know that high quality mortgage protections leads are hard to get. If you’re reading this and are in the mortgage protection industry, feel free to contact us about our MP leads. Our agents have access to direct mail mortgage protection leads. You do have to be fully contracted with us. Since our commission levels are high, this shouldn’t be an issue. Mortgage protection agents are used to paying $30 for leads at a 70% commission. Our commission will be higher but these leads cost around $55 to generate.

Final Expense Facebook Leads for $20 Each

Final expense facebook leads for $20

Here are several reasons that you may want to work with us if you’re interested in final expense sales. At United Final Expense Services, we give you all the tools that you necessary to be successful at selling final expense life insurance. Most agents that fail, do so because they don’t try very hard and give up quickly. Remember, with any sales position, you will only get out what you put in. Here are four things that we can help you with, to be successful at final expense sales.

  1. Our 30-day online training platform along with weekly training calls so you learn how to sell final expense insurance
  2. A variety of lead programs including final expense telemarketing leads, direct mail leads, and of course our final expense Facebook leads
  3. All the top carriers and commission levels starting at 100-120%
  4. You can sell face to face or even do final expense telesales

As you can see, we do things different than most final expense sales insurance marketing organizations.

  1. We don’t try to lock you in with an absurd non-compete agreement. If you want a release, we will grant it.
  2. I don’t recommend that you put up a large security deposit for direct mail leads unless you have already worked this lead and it makes sense for you.
  3. We don’t start agents at sub-100% commission levels while charging full price for leads.
  4. We don’t pimp the MLM scheme that a lot of companies push as a business model.
  5. Our objective is to make it easy for both new and seasoned agents to be successful at final expense sales and we give you everything necessary to accomplish your goals.
  6. We offer final expense Facebook leads for $20 each with no long-term commitment.

A last thought about Facebook Final Expense Leads

Just to be clear, if you’re serious about selling final expense life insurance, nothing beats direct mail leads. Not to be a “Debbie downer”, but face to be successful in face to face final expense sales, you need a guaranteed amount of leads ever single week. It’s really hard to guarantee enough final expense Facebook leads for a full time agent. Even if you plan on mixing in a strong, high quality, final expense telemarketed lead, you might not be able to work 20-30 leads per week. This is where the direct mail leads come in. With direct mail, there is plenty of data to get anyone enough leads to stay busy on a full time basis. Now, let me back up! This is true if you have access to a good, fixed cost final expense direct mail leads program.

With a strong fixed cost direct mail leads program like the one we offer our agents, you never have to worry about overpaying for leads. Our agents all pay the same price for our direct mail leads but that isn’t the most important thing. With our fixed cost leads program, if you want 30 leads a week, you will have 30 leads a week. You don’t have to worry about dropping your own mail or making a weekly order. We take care of all that for you. This way, you can concentrate on making final expense sales week in, week out. When you add in some final expense Facebook leads to your weekly direct mail leads, you’re maximizing the amount of prospects to see. Add in an occasional order of final expense telemarket leads and now you’re closing like an animal. Just don’t limit yourself to one type of lead!

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