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Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense Sales

Getting fresh direct mail final expense leads is important.

Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense Sales

Are direct mail leads really the best type of lead for final expense sales?

Direct mail leads are the way to go

I can’t imagine what it would be like without having access to fixed cost direct mail leads. OK, that’s not actually true. I do know and trust me, without a strong lead program, the chances of being successful at final expense sales are not good. That’s why it’s important to have the right final expense life insurance leads. Direct mail leads are the best and most reliable type of lead for our industry! Being on a fixed cost lead program makes life easier for the producing agent. It also give you the ability to have as many leads as you want. This puts you in the driver’s seat to excel in our industry without limitations. Don’t take me wrong! There are other leads that I like to mix in with direct mail. Final expense Facebook leads and final expense Telemarket leads are good too.

Here’s why I love our fixed cost direct mail leads program. If you want 30 direct mail leads a week, you get 30 leads. Getting other types of leads for final expense sales can be problematic. There isn’t enough data to consistently get 20-30 telemarketing leads a week, in any single area. Facebook leads are great but they are even harder to get than final expense telemarketing leads. Television commercial leads are the most expensive. They’re wonderful, but you have to be able to purchase leads in the entire state. Forget about working your local counties as this will never work with TV leads. If you’re doing final expense telesales, this lead is great. You need to work with a team of agent to get the most out of this type of lead though. This is why direct mail is and always will be the king of final expense leads.

How do I know my direct mail leads are of decent quality?

stinky direct mail leads

Seriously, I see stuff advertised as “quality leads” or “fresh leads”, or “final expense life insurance leads” although they are some of the worse leads on the planet. Most internet leads are sold over 25 times. That’s why they cost $5 each. Do you want to buy leads that are resold over and over? I sure don’t. What is up with all these companies reselling internet leads? It just doesn’t seem right to me! All great reasons to work with direct mail leads. With direct mail, you can pick the age and income of the prospects of our target market. You can also chose different verbiage on the card. I prefer a direct mail lead card to have the words “life insurance” right on the front. If you’re doing your own mailings this may not be the way to go though as you will see diminished returns.

It’s actually not a bad idea to try doing your own mail drop before committing to fixed cost direct mail leads. As long as you are working with a reputable vendor, that is! Unfortunately, we have had plenty of bad experiences that led me to believe that certain lead vendors are not mailing to current data or possibly not even mailing out the amount of cards that we paid for. That’s why I love having control over our leads. We know what goes out and what comes in. We are able to target data that most vendors do not want to work with, as they have to make money off of leads. I just want our agents to have high quality leads. Whether you’re selling face to face or doing final expense telesales, we have the leads. Heck, we even have direct mail leads for selling mortgage insurance.

Where can I buy the best lead in the industry?

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There are several lead vendors that sell final expense mail drops and price them by the thousand. There are even a couple of companies like The Lead Connections that can give you a fixed cost direct mail lead. Those guys have a good reputation for doing an honest per thousand piece mail drop. We have recommended them for years and have agents that do mail drops with TLC because they don’t want to be on a weekly direct mail leads program. As far as I’m concerned, being on a fixed cost lead program is the most sensible thing for a full time agent to do. Not everyone sells final expense full time though! If you’d like to see what kind of returns you can get on your own, they tend to be a good company to work with. No, we don’t get a kickback by referring them. lol

At United Final Expense Services Inc, we believe that our direct mail lead is the strongest in the entire industry and therefore the best. Our agents are able to login to their direct mail leads portal every week and have fresh, new, final expense life insurance leads. Yes, that’s right, every single week! New direct mail leads make it easier for you to make new sales and add to your book of business on a regular basis. We pay the same price per lead and don’t have to worry about how many direct mail leads come back in a mail drop. Fixed cost direct mail leads are definitely the way to go for final expense sales. There’s nothing like knowing exactly how much you will pay for each lead and how many direct mail leads you will have to work each week. Can’t do that with final expense facebook leads!

Win win situation!

what is your return on investment with direct mail leads

If you’re selling final expense, would you want to have new direct mail leads every week at the same cost per lead? Would you rather do mail drops and hope for the best? If you’re thinking, “well, what do I have to give up?”, then you might be surprised. Our commission levels are between 100 and 120%, even for brand new agents. That means you’re not giving up anything. With production, those commission levels will go up. We also have access to pretty much every final expense carrier out there. At least all the competitive ones! When I sell a final expense policy, the last thing I need is to worry about some other agent coming behind me and giving my client a better deal. This is why getting proper training and having access to multiple carriers is very important for your success. We want you to be successful.

Let me go off topic here for a minute to address something very important. Training! Here’s a solid recommendation. If you’re already selling life insurance or health insurance, or even medicare products, our training may be perfect for your needs. We have developed a 30 day final expense sales training program that is designed to get you up and selling at the end of the month. The reason I am bringing this up is because it’s important to understand that anytime you get local final expense sales training, you give up something. You see, our training program is not for everyone. If you’re newly licensed, we suggest you work with a local agency near your home until you cut through part of the learning curve. Once you’ve made some sales, this is where we can give you access to our direct mail leads and higher commission levels.

Should I just do my own mailing?

direct mail leads for targeting seniors

Absolutely! I believe everyone should try doing their own mail drop at least once. That’s why I mentioned it earlier. In most cases, you will find that the direct mail returns are not as good as you hoped they would be. If you use a final expense leads card like the one that I use that says the words “Life Insurance” on it, your returns may be less than 1%. That means you are paying over $50 for each lead that comes back. If you have access to fixed cost direct mail leads, we do not recommend doing your own mailings. Again, fixed cost direct mail leads guarantees a locked in price. You know exactly how much you are paying for each lead. It also eliminates gaps of time without leads as you are going to be getting a specified amount of direct mail leads each and every single week.

We also know that when you do your own mailings, you could end up paying over $100 for each lead as there is no guarantee that anyone will even fill out the card. Yes, I have experienced this first hand, many times. When I first got into the final expense sales industry, we had no choice but to do our own direct mail leads mail drops. There is nothing worse than depending on a bunch of final expense leads to come in, only to get half the return you had hoped for. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about this any more. Neither do our contracted agents. We have agents that get up to 50 leads a week and are making well into six figures because of it. Fixed cost direct mail leads means you can control how many direct mail leads that you get and also where you work!

What other leads should I try?

final expense facebook leads are as good as direct mail leads

There are a lot of companies that sell telemarketing leads. You can get them from callers in the US, Philippines, and Pakistan. Some are low quality and cheap, and some are high quality and very expensive. I see more companies selling Facebook leads too! A good Facebook leads costs about the same as a good direct mail lead but is harder to get. Much harder! There are still companies that sell internet leads too. The problem with internet leads is that they are sold over and over again. Most of the internet lead vendors basically resell their leads and that is why you can get them super cheap. Television leads are great but there just isn’t a way to get by targeting your local market. If you’re selling final expense over the phone, they work great if you are working with a small group of agents.

Besides direct mail leads, our agents have access to high quality final expense Facebook leads  and final expense telemarketing leads. The telemarket leads that we work are actually an $18 lead that we have for $9 to our contracted agents. Shoot me an email if you want to find out more information on our lead programs. You can reach me at and start getting leads immediately. Even if you’re not a contracted agent with us, we might be able to get you an affordable high quality TM lead. Remember, when it comes to final expense life insurance leads, there is no need to gamble on returns. We can guarantee you some of the best leads in the final expense industry. With high quality direct mail leads, you will always have plenty of prospects to see. Without leads, you are just going to struggle to survive our industry.

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Final thoughts about final expense sales and direct mail leads!

Here’s the bottom line. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably missing a piece or two of the puzzle. With final expense sales, you need more than just direct mail leads. You need more than just decent carriers. You need more than just big commissions. Yes, when it comes to final expense sales you want it all. We can get you started on our fixed cost direct mail leads program so that you come out of training and have fresh direct mail leads ready to go. We don’t resell the leads to anyone so you will be the only agent to ever see them. This is important as a lot of insurance agencies resell their leads. This type of behavior is more profound in with mortgage protection sales than final expense sales but it’s still very common. Do you want to work leads that the last guy couldn’t sell?

There are the other benefits that come with working under United Final Expense Services. You’ll have access to your own final expense trainer. He can help you if you’re in the house with a client and not sure what to do. You will also have access to our other lead programs. Yes, direct mail is important but with final expense Facebook leads and final expense telemarketing leads, you will be able to meet with people that you might not see by using direct mail leads alone. We have all the top carriers too. Forgive me if I’m starting to sound like a broken record but we want to stress to you how important your success is to us. The last thing we want to do is throw a bunch of agents against the wall to see who sticks. We give you the best chances for success in final expense sales.

direct mail leads may not be the answer

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